Darren Beatty, MS

Associate Adjunct Professor

Darren began his healthcare career at the age of 18 when he completed an Emergency Medical Technician course during his senior year of high school. Having previously served as a volunteer fire fighter, he was motivated to increase his professional knowledge so he could be better prepared to help those in need. This began a passion for public services and, later, a career in healthcare.

Darren earned a commission as a Marine Corps Officer shortly after graduating from college and served on active duty for just under seven years. Having twice deployed overseas and looking to establish a career in the civilian sector, he returned to his roots in healthcare at Plumas District Hospital. Darren has held numerous healthcare leadership positions and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer.

Darren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UC Berkeley and a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership from UC San Francisco. He currently serves as a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.