Leading-Edge Curriculum

Our leadership curriculum provides a combination of coursework, professional coaching, and mentored practice that enables you to apply knowledge and skills to become an innovative disruptor in your healthcare practice field. Faculty experts in healthcare finance, policy, systems, leadership, evidence-based practice, and improvement science will guide you through 9 credit hours each quarter for 12 months. Focusing your capstone project on interprofessional teamwork and improvement and collaborative change management, will prepare you for exciting leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

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Course Sequence

Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership 1-Year Course Sequencing

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

MHA 200A

 Advanced Scholarship in Health Systems Research

MHA 202

 Leadership: Environmental Systems

MHA 203

 Leadership: Healthcare Policy

MHA 201

 Leadership: Forces of Change

MHA 200B

 Health Finance and Economics

MHA 204

 Healthcare Economics, Policy, and Decision-Making

MHA 205

 Healthcare Quality, Safety, and Interprofessional Dynamics

MHA 206

 Healthcare Systems Management

MHA 207A

 Essential Leadership: Foundations for Effective Practice

MHA 401 Administrative Practicum I

MHA 402 Administrative

Practicum II

MHA 207B Leadership in Action: Inquiry to Innovation

A Glimpse into Project-based Learning


Curricular Components